Hopefully the below will provide you with some answers regarding questions that you may have regarding our service. If you still have questions that are not answered within this website, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q1 - How many owners does each horse have?
A1 - This will vary depending on who buys which share amount.  

Q2 - How long does each syndicate term last for?
A2 - This varies for each horse, depending on a number of factors. We will of course communicate with each owner throughout the horses career.

Q3 - Can I sign up to your betting service without having a share in a horse?
A3 - Yes you can.

Q4 - Can I leave the syndicate before the minimum term is up?
A4 - Yes you can, but you will lose you upfront payment and your share of any resale. 

Q5 - Do you charge commission on any prize money won?
A5 - Unlike several other syndicates, we do not charge any commission.

Q6 - Do I pay VAT on my purchase and monthly payments?
Q6 - No, Howard Duff Racing pays any VAT due.

Q7 - Do I have to pay any vet bills?
A7 - No. Your monthly payment is all inclusive. There is nothing extra to pay at all.

Q8 - Instead of paying monthly, can I make lump sum payments?
Q8 - Yes you can. 3, 6 or 12 months are all accepted.

Q9 - Will I get an owners badge when my horse runs at the races?
Q9 - Our aim is for everyone to see their horse at the races. If more owners want to attend than available badges, then a ballot system will be used to allocate badges. We will aim to get as many badges as possible from each racecourse.

Q10 - What is the difference between a full ownership and leasing share?
Q10 - A full ownership share means that you actually own the percentage purchased. If/when the horse is sold, you will receive your percentage of the sales proceedings. A leased share will entitle you to all of the benefits of a full ownership share, except you will not be entitled to any of the sales proceedings if/when sold.


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